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Beachbody Shaun Week: Insane Focus - آموزش بدنسازی، تمرینات متمرکز
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 هنگامی که صحبت از اندام زیبا و متناسب به میان می آید نمی توان نقش ورزش منظم و حرفه ای را نادیده گرفت اما همیشه لازم نیست برای حرفه ای ورزش کردن هزینه های اضافی برای باشگاه و مربی پرداخت نمود. می توان با انجام حرکات ورزشی منظم و با انجام تمرین‌ های مختلف قدرتی و استقامتی بر روی عضلات خود، همچنین تغذیه مناسب و البته استراحت کافی به ساخت بدنی حجیم، کات شده و قدرتمند مبادرت ورزید.
در فیلم آموزشی BeachBody Shaun Week: Insane Focus مربی حرفه ای به نام Shaun T  انجام حرکات ورزشی متمرکز در طول یک دوره 7 روزه را به شیوه ی متمرکز و قدرتی آموزش می دهد و تمرین ها و تکنیک هایی را یاد می دهد که به راحتی و بدون نیاز به تهیه وسایل ورزشی گران قیمت قادر به انجام آن ها خواهید بود. فیلم های آموزشی دارای مدت زمانی بین 30 الی 40 دقیقه می باشند و با نرمش های برای گرم کردن بدن آغاز شده و سپس حرکات ورزشی قدرتی متمرکز را آموزش داده و در نهایت با نرمش هایی برای سرد کردن بدن پایان می شود.
عناوین آموزشی:
- Insane Basics
- Pure Cardio 2
- Insane Weights
- 25 Abs
- Ripsanity
- Speed 4.0
- Dig Deep


Beachbody SHAUN WEEK: Insane Focus is a 7-day full-body workout developed by Shaun T to motivate you to focus like never before and Dig Deeper than you ever thought possible
The average length of the Shaun Week workouts is 43 minutes, including warm-ups and cool downs. Shaun T gives thorough instructions for each exercise.

Here is a quick review of the Shaun Week workouts:
Day 1: Insane Basics (33 minutes): An Insanity-inspired medium impact workout where you learn the basic moves and what the future of this week holds for you. I like the incorporation of this workout, because you get a nice introduction to the workouts for the week. This workout also has a nice little ab workout at the end of the session.

Day 2: Pure Cardio 2 (27 minutes): 25 minutes of non-stop cardio has been proven to be an effective dose of cardio to burn calories and continue burning more calories throughout the day long after you\'ve finished working out. The intensity definitely increases from day 1.

Day 3: Insane Weights (33 minutes): An Insanity: The Asylum-inspired strength training workout that incorporates the use of weights after a pretty intense warm-up. You don\'t have to go heavy with the weights. I used 8lbs, Dan used 15 lbs. If you\'re not used to a little cardio mixed with weight training, be sure to ease into this one.

Day 4: 25 Abs (28 minutes): Some of my favorite Shaun T workouts are his ab workouts. What I like about this one is you start with some standing cardio-based moves that hit the abs before hitting the floor for more concentrated ab and core work.

Day 5: Ripsanity (43 minutes): In my opinion, this is the hardest of the workouts during the 7 days. You do three moves with weights with a slight break between sets. For weights, I would recommend having a couple sets on hand, because you are going to likely have to drop down in weights.

Day 6: Speed 4.0 (27 minutes): This bodyweight only T25-themed workout is all about moving fast but controlled. This workout is almost like a break from the others in the series, but you need it after Day 5.

Day 7: Dig Deep (31 minutes): In the final workout of the week, Shaun T wants you to go all-in for this one. A medium to high impact cardio-themed workout that reminds of the original Insanity workouts. Shaun T even broke out the diamond burpee.

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